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Our Story

Where it all began...

Because no great story starts with a salad, this one all started with an obsession with dogs and a pint at the local pub.

In December 2020 Ted Shearing was born, named after our very own crazy cockapoo Ted or when he misbehaves ‘Teddy O’Hare’. My passion for all things dog related has been lifelong but the catalyst of a job loss during the pandemic lit a fire in me to seize the opportunity to turn this passion into a career.

As Ted Shearing goes from strength to strength with my books now closed to new clients, showing that the brand has become trusted in the community. 

With the growth of the business I decided the time was right to launch our own shampoo for dogs. The goal was to offer a product that I feel is in alignment with the ethos of the Ted Brand. I wanted a shampoo that not only did I love to use on the dogs that came to visit Ted Shearing but would also be a product that pawrents could easily use at home. 

What we stand for

Natural, Vegan, Sustainable

First and foremost we fully believe in a cruelty free world for all products, cosmetics and otherwise.

That's why we have created our very own vegan and cruelty free shampoo for dogs.In addition we think every pup deserves a little bit of luxury.

We think the decadent scent we have carefully chosen will help your pampered pups smell as great at home as when they leave the Ted Shearing studio.

Sustainability Mission: By 2024 we hope to install various refill stations across the UK and Ireland where pup lovers everywhere can refill their already purchased shampoo bottles.